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Kalle Rabbit, Pelle Fox and the Tomten

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Well I finally wrote a story with a Tomten in it.  It was tough deciding how to have the Tomten behave.  There are older stories with them being a little more spiteful and caretakers of homes  though they are more often called Tomte.  The more modern usage is a Tomten that portrays a Christmas figure and gives presents.  I decided to use the more modern version though I have no Christmas references.  Please check out the story at:  Story Link


Kalle and Pelle Rabbit Chapter 7

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You would think I would run out of ideas with Kalle and Pelle especially when I am writing a YA novel. Well it does not seem to work out that way with me. Somehow I had the idea of how kalle would deal with a thorn in his foot. I thought i could turn it into a 400 word story but it expanded into a 1400 word story. It still needs cleaning up, but I am sure you will find it fun  The story is called  A Thorn in the foot.  If you wish to read it click on the link.

Story Link