Pelle and Kalle Want Another Story

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I do not know what it is about the Kalle and Pelle stories I write, but every so often I feel the need to write another. It does not matter what i am working on I still have to write about them. It’s like the rabbit and fox are saying. “Hey, over here, don’t forget about us. We need something fun to do.”. Right now I neef to write another story for them. I think I will be writing about the tomten or tomte another Swedish character from folklore.
Astrid Lindgren wrote about them and in one story the fox was the bad guy. I can’t have Pelle play the bad guy. So my fox will have to be regarded in a much better light. Of coutse it will be a winter setting even though it is spring. Well I hope Pelle and kalle like snow.


What is Worse Than Writers Block

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I generally can get through writers block because I always have something to write.  But when it comes to a headache writing becomes almost unbearable.  The worst part is you know what you want to write but when you put pen to paper the headache prevents you from coming up with great dialog or an detailed setting.  The head just hurts to much.  The closet thing I was able to do was copy my rough work to a word processor though I had to take many breaks in between.  Even writing this post is hurting my head though my headache is starting to go.  Unfortunately I will be probably asleep by the time it is gone.  Tomorrow is a fresh day and maybe I can write twice the amount to make up for lost time.

Another textnovel writer has his book published

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Inherit the Throne

Steve DeWinter, has just published his book Inherit the Throne.  A political thriller.  I have not fully read it yet but will write a review here once I have finished reading it.  I am happy seeing many writers from textnovel getting published whether they self publish or have a publishing company do it for them.  Steve has been a great supporter of many writers on text novel and I am also privileged that he has read my work.  When you follow a writer before they get published and then see them get published it is more inspiring than reading a new book written by king or Rice.  No offence to them intended.  They are indeed great authors but I never got to see their process as well as I do see writers on textnovel.

kids are the best reason to write

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After having read an update to a story I am reading to my son I insisted he go to bed.  It was past his bed time.  I usually let him read alone for half an hour with a book of his choice.  This time he surprised me. He choice  was one of my journals that I write Pelle and Kalle in.  Those unfamiliar with the story it is basically about a fox and rabbit from Sweden who have adventures with each other.  It is penned rather roughly and when I get to the end of the story my penmanship gets worse.  However he choice it.  When I checked up on him, he was asleep holding the book tightly in his hand.  I have read him the stories before, but he wanted to read the unedited versions himself.  What an incentive to keep writing those stories.  As long as I have my son as an audience I will keep writing,  who needs to be rich and famous when your flesh and blood holds your writing near to their heart.

Kalle and Pelle Rabbit Chapter 7

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You would think I would run out of ideas with Kalle and Pelle especially when I am writing a YA novel. Well it does not seem to work out that way with me. Somehow I had the idea of how kalle would deal with a thorn in his foot. I thought i could turn it into a 400 word story but it expanded into a 1400 word story. It still needs cleaning up, but I am sure you will find it fun  The story is called  A Thorn in the foot.  If you wish to read it click on the link.

Story Link

Starting a YA novel

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I have started writing a young adult novel based on my sons idea. He wanted it to be written by me. He is eleven and still has no patients for writing more than a paragraph. He does amaze me though. Tonight rather than me reading or telling him a story he made one up on the fly that he would like me to write. He has done this many times and it is difficult to keep track. However I can only do one at a time. Each night he asks me what I have written and insists I read it to him. It is his idea after all. So I read it and when he goes to bed I write more so I can read what has been written the next day. At this rate I will have a novel done in a month. Got to hand it to kids to keep a one going. Of course I have no idea how many rewrites will be involved once I am done. Originally I was going to try a scifi but my sons idea kept popping into my head. so far the story is flowing and following a smooth course. I do not know how long that will last but I am sure I can make it to the end. The main character is a young female teen and this is where I may have difficulties in writing. Being male I hope I can portray a female character in a proper light. Oh well I will not know until the end and find some test readers.

Kalle and Pelle meet the Fossergrimen

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Kalle and Pelle hearing some sad music decided to find a way to make it cheerful. Only to irritate the creature creating the music see what happens

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