Text Novel Editors Choice for May 2011

I was happy to find in the comments section of my story that I have won the editors choice for this month.  The textnovel picks about 4 or 5 stories that they consider of good writing quality and of publishable material.  The award was for my story Fire of the Rose.  What does this mean for me other than feeling great?

Well it means I have to keep the quality of standard I have written, but I think I should even try to do better.  I have people watching my story develop and I should continue writing until it finishes.  Also I will have to attract more viewers for my story.  I am positive I will get all of this done.

The other winners for this month are:

Night Wing  By:  jenessa bresnahan   SUPERNATURAL

Being Mrs Bellamy  By:  Judah Raine   ROMANCE – CONTEMPORARY

The witch within  By:  M. Harlow   M. Harlow is a Textnovel supporter    SUPERNATURAL

Hong Kong Kill Zone  By:  Saitou Takagi   CELL PHONE NOVEL

If you have the time head over to Textnovel.com and check out these and other great stories.


2 Responses to “Text Novel Editors Choice for May 2011”

  1. Congratulations again, Sellery! Plus nice to see you added the other winners 🙂 Just wanted to pop in. You’re doing a wonderful job on your new novel,the passion for your characters shines through with your writing & your descriptions are so vivid and draw me into the story that I can easily visualize what is unfolding. you are doing great. Keep up the good work! your updates are ahead of where I am in the novel,but I’m catching up 🙂
    Also like the color scheme of your blog!

    • Thanks Amber, I like being able to share other writers successes on textnovel. Originally I was going to stick with only Amelia’s POV , but I found I wanted more depth. Reading a bit of the Dome by king gave me insight into ways I can switch heads. 🙂 thanks again

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