kids are the best reason to write

After having read an update to a story I am reading to my son I insisted he go to bed.  It was past his bed time.  I usually let him read alone for half an hour with a book of his choice.  This time he surprised me. He choice  was one of my journals that I write Pelle and Kalle in.  Those unfamiliar with the story it is basically about a fox and rabbit from Sweden who have adventures with each other.  It is penned rather roughly and when I get to the end of the story my penmanship gets worse.  However he choice it.  When I checked up on him, he was asleep holding the book tightly in his hand.  I have read him the stories before, but he wanted to read the unedited versions himself.  What an incentive to keep writing those stories.  As long as I have my son as an audience I will keep writing,  who needs to be rich and famous when your flesh and blood holds your writing near to their heart.


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