Starting a YA novel

I have started writing a young adult novel based on my sons idea. He wanted it to be written by me. He is eleven and still has no patients for writing more than a paragraph. He does amaze me though. Tonight rather than me reading or telling him a story he made one up on the fly that he would like me to write. He has done this many times and it is difficult to keep track. However I can only do one at a time. Each night he asks me what I have written and insists I read it to him. It is his idea after all. So I read it and when he goes to bed I write more so I can read what has been written the next day. At this rate I will have a novel done in a month. Got to hand it to kids to keep a one going. Of course I have no idea how many rewrites will be involved once I am done. Originally I was going to try a scifi but my sons idea kept popping into my head. so far the story is flowing and following a smooth course. I do not know how long that will last but I am sure I can make it to the end. The main character is a young female teen and this is where I may have difficulties in writing. Being male I hope I can portray a female character in a proper light. Oh well I will not know until the end and find some test readers.


2 Responses to “Starting a YA novel”

  1. Ah, Well this is very interesting. I’d love to see how everything turns out. As of this moment I am busy but i’ll share my detailed thoughts on what you’ve written so far ASAP.

    You have a pretty special son…

  2. Thanks, when I am ready to put some of it on textnovel you will certainly get to see it. I just want to have it more polished before submitting it. Unlike my other stories

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