Children of the Fog

Children of the Fog

Children in the Fog by Cheryl Kaye Tardif is an intense thriller that left no room for me to breath. I would read it every moment I had a chance, On the subway, when my in laws were focused on their
polish shows I could not understand and in the movie theater 20 minutes before the previews. In fact when Cheryl introduced one of the  children of the fog, I was tense, not knowing what was going to happen. Of course at that moment a young child made a horrible loud sound that caused me to jump out of my seat. Still being absorbed in the novel I had to refocus myself to realize the sound came from a living being

When I first read the description I wondered how the story would unfold.
“”You have 10 seconds to make a decision: Let a kidnapper take your child, or watch your son die. Choose!”
As a parent a choice like this would break my heart. Cheryl certainly did not make the choice easy for Sadie, the protagonist of this book. Her choice creates conflict and an inner struggle that makes us feel for Sadie and deepens the story to the point that you can’t let go of the book.

Before I completed the story I was walking in one of the busiest areas of downtown Toronto. There was not one moment I would let him out of my sight and when on a narrow sidewalk I would draw my son to the front of me so I could make sure he would not get lost in the crowd. Children of the Fog is well worth reading, but be warned you will not be able to catch your breath until the very end.


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