Last week I purchased a net-book to aid me in my writing.  Why a net-book?  While I have a desktop computer in my office in the basement I am finding that it has been poor for my health to spend a significant amount of time there.  As we all know writing can keep you at your desk for hours.  Of course the other factor for me is the cost.  The net-book ran me $199.99 before taxes and the Mac book Pro I want will cost me about $2300.00 before taxes.  I could of gone for a stripped down laptop at $489.00 but the battery life would be poor.  I may be lucky to get 3 hours while a net-book will give me 5 to 6 hours.  Also the ability to travel and take my computer anywhere without feeling burdened is a plus.  I run open office on it without any issues and have even found it powerful enough to run some painting and 3D animation programs.  Everything I need for writing is available and I guess if I have writers block I can have a video conversation with my family using skype.  Of course it also allows me to update my stories on text novel at home or any wireless hot spot I may find.  If you have need of a low cost portable solution for your writing I would recommend a net-book.



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