New Years Resolutions

This will be the first time in many years that I will actually have a New Years Resolution and ones that I intend to commit too.

1. Write write and more writing.  I had only started writing again in September of 2010 but this needs to become a daily ritual for me.  I have so many ideas in my head and if I do not transcribe them to paper my head will explode.  I have been getting encouragement from family to continue writing.  For Christmas I received 2 journals one red leather with embossed floral patterns and another with a clay front and back tied with leather.  I have also been given book marks and a chapters gift card.  I purchased  two books with it.  One called fishtailing and another called The cats night out.  They both are award winners of the governor generals award for 2010.  I wanted to know what made those books award winners.  The Cats Night out is a children book and is a great read and worth the money spent.    I have not finished fishtailing but it reads like the the usual angst teens discover in high school and write there depression, hopes and dreams in short poetic paragraphs.

2. Improve my health.  I have been sick so often in 2010 that it has affected me both at work and home.  My immune system is gone and needs to recover.

3. Get published in 2011.  I will follow every suggestion and k I need to get my writing published.  It is a dream that I have and will never give up on.

4. Be happy,  I no longer want to be miserable as I have been in 2010 and I will no longer tolerate being forced into a situation that will continue my misery.  My life is my own and I will not allow anyone to change that.

5.  I want to include my family but I know when I accomplish the above my family will benefit and will also be happy.

A friend sent this quote to me and I will try to follow this.

more than others think is safe.
more than others think is wise.
more than others think is practical.
more than others think is possible.

Claude T(homas) Bissell


Happy New year and may 2011 bring your hopes and dreams alive with splendor



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