Text Novel Contest

Seasonal Blessings


I have entered two stories into the text novel contest.  The first is a story called Laying in Judgment and the other Seasonal Blessings.    Laying in judgment was created at the end of the 2010 contest and was eligible to be entered for the 2011 contest without upgrading its status.  Seasonal Blessings had to be upgraded to premium for me to enter it.  I have no problems paying for the upgrade since I had been publishing many stories on the site without contributing anything.  Now I feel good about the contribution because it will help this site that has been a blessing to many writers keep on going.

Laying in Judgment is a story that I have adapted from a piece of work that I had written in college.  It is toned down from what it was and the direction maybe changing.  I am not sure if I can complete it before the end of the contest but I will try.    It is about a man who is being judged from birth to the end of his life.  We get to see how he enters the world and what influences him to be who he is.

Seasonal Blessings is a little lighter in and is more of a modern urban fairy tale.  Originally it was meant to be a short story for my son with a younger cast than what it has turned out to be.    Seasonal Blessings is about a man who after a stressful time at work goes to his hometown to relax.  However he becomes haunted by enchanted dreams when he returns.  The dreams are tied to his past and he begins to search for their meaning.  During his search he ends up with supernatural encounters that can either become a blessing or a curse in his future.

I will admit that I am not a novel writer and I have problems with conversations and the use of First Second and third persons views.   I do find that writing children stories are much easier for me.  However I intend to write these novels and edit them over and over again until others find them a good read.  Also I have no illusion that my writing is at the same quality as Steve Dewinter , kathleen Ball and Charliann Roberts.  Even though I say this I still want to complete these novels and have some recognition for the effort.  Entering them in the contest is a process for both my mind and soul and an attempt to heal myself from the stress I have accumulated in my life.



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