A Good Nights Sleep

I just added another children Story to text novel called a goodnights sleep.  http://www.textnovel.com/story/A-Good-Nights-Sleep/5436/ This story is about a girl who sleeps really well in a noisy city.  When she goes up north with her parents there is less noise and she has trouble falling asleep.  The Girl Charlotte  searches the cabin for noises that help her fall asleep.  The story was written for my niece at the request of my wife.    My wife wanted me to use the word ticka because that is her nickname  but as with all things creative they can take a direction of their own.  Even though this was not the story it was supposed to be it came out rather nice.  I am pleased with it though the ending needs a change.  I think I will clean it up some and send the manuscript off to a publisher.  I am still waiting for a response for The box but I do not want to sit idle.

I do have one regret and that is I am not a very good with non abstract art.  I wish I was able to provide illustrations to the stories I create.  I see the pictures completely in my mind and can not wait to see them combined with my words.  I will just have to wait.  🙂


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