The Box

The Box is the 3rd children  story that I had created on Text Novel.  It is about a boy who lets is imagination run wild, through his play he manages to break something in a box.    Being upset he uses his imagination to try to solve the situation.

When I had first started writing this story it was half written in one of my notebooks.  After a fairly long time I came back to it .  When I was rewriting the story it flowed out of me and the blanks were filled.   I believe this was one of the best children storys I had written and with encouragement from other writers on  I submitted a manuscript to a childrens book publisher.

I have tried to forget about the submission so I can continue writing but it is not that easy.  It will be 4 to 6 months before I know anything.  Even if my story is not accepted I will still continue submitting manuscripts and I will just send  it to another publisher.   Like many writers we fall in love with our creations and think others will too.    This book for me is no exception.


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