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I have not blogged on this site for a while. So I am currently changing tactics. This site will be related to children stories and my progress to getting my children stories published. Novels will be blogged about on http://www.sellery.weebly.com
I want to keep them separate from each other because they have their own uniqueness and I don’t want posts to intermingle.


Text Novel Editors Choice for May 2011

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I was happy to find in the comments section of my story that I have won the editors choice for this month.  The textnovel picks about 4 or 5 stories that they consider of good writing quality and of publishable material.  The award was for my story Fire of the Rose.  What does this mean for me other than feeling great?

Well it means I have to keep the quality of standard I have written, but I think I should even try to do better.  I have people watching my story develop and I should continue writing until it finishes.  Also I will have to attract more viewers for my story.  I am positive I will get all of this done.

The other winners for this month are:

Night Wing  By:  jenessa bresnahan   SUPERNATURAL

Being Mrs Bellamy  By:  Judah Raine   ROMANCE – CONTEMPORARY

The witch within  By:  M. Harlow   M. Harlow is a Textnovel supporter    SUPERNATURAL

Hong Kong Kill Zone  By:  Saitou Takagi   CELL PHONE NOVEL

If you have the time head over to Textnovel.com and check out these and other great stories.

chapter 5 Fire of the Rose

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Chapter 5 has been started and this will bring the prologue closer to the story. It will also bring more conflict to Amelia. I am actually enjoying writing this story. I know the first draft is rough, but I think with some editing it will be of publishable material. Since starting writing my I can not stop. It fills an empty void inside me. If I get published it certainly will not mean the end of writing for me. It would most likely be the beginning.  Check out what I have written.


Chapter 2

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As writers we put our characters through mental and physical ordeals to move our story forward.   If we don’t it is doubtful that it would be an interesting read for others.  However the characters we create we may want to protect them even though they are not real.   Of course we can’t allow ourselves to do this.  In chapter two of my YA novel Fire of the Rose I create a very intense situation for Amelia.  I had giving her minor ordeals in the beginning but they were things that bounced of her shoulders.  The current ordeal will be much harder for her to simply ignore

Chapter 2

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I have finished chapter one of the Rose of Fire and have just started with chapter two. Things will start to get exciting and we will finally see what happens to Amelia. I am hoping that I can complete chapter two tomorrow. For now you can read the beginning of chapter 2 by following this link.

The Fire of the Rose

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I am still writing my YA novel and have been posting it on text novel.  I wanted to call it Soul Fire, but that name had been taken.  That is usually the case with a good name.  Here is a short description of the novel

Amelia never thought magic existed until a visit to an abandoned church had left her cursed. Now she must free herself of the curse with the help of a soulless boy.

To check out click on the link below
Story Link

Kalle Rabbit, Pelle Fox and the Tomten

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Well I finally wrote a story with a Tomten in it.  It was tough deciding how to have the Tomten behave.  There are older stories with them being a little more spiteful and caretakers of homes  though they are more often called Tomte.  The more modern usage is a Tomten that portrays a Christmas figure and gives presents.  I decided to use the more modern version though I have no Christmas references.  Please check out the story at:  Story Link